Global Wireless

Scope: Deploy a resilient, high performance, secure wireless network across approvimately fifty sites worldwide, covering around six thousand users for a leading asset management company.

Equipment Used: A selection of products from the Cisco Meraki portfolio

Budget: £600,000

Delivery: Partnering with a third party operator with global presence, the aim of this project was to define and deliver a best-in-class wireless platform that made use of existing security capabilities with ample headroom to expand if required.

Initially, a number of consultancy sessions were held, and a series of template designs were proposed. These were used to produce sample bills of materials which were then used to drive the commercial discussions. Once they had been concluded, more detailed designs were produced for the sites in-scope, and a phased approach was outlined for the rollout of the new platform. In parallel, a separate piece of work was undertaken to integrate the capabilities of the new platform with the existing infrastructure, such as Active Directory and Security tools.

Audience: A mixture of technical resources within the third-party integrator, experienced engineers working for the asset management company, local IT and facilities teams and senior business stakeholders.

Challenges: Obtaining details about some of the sites – in terms of floor plans and site specific information – proved very difficult, and required a lot of additional hand-holding in order to successfully acquire the information required. Rigid third-party processes required careful handling so as to ensure key colleagues were not alienated by unnecessary tasks. Regional legal differences also came into play, with certain countries having restrictions around in-country purchases and different levels of detail that needed to be recorded and retained.

Takeaways: While the Meraki product range is a very capable platform to work with, the success of the project depended more on making sure that the people involved were kept motivated and engaged.

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