Firewall Performance Testing

Scope: Use synthetic testing to establish the real-world capabilities of a PoC candidate firewall

Equipment Used: Ixia load testers, supplied on a T&M basis by Phoenix Datacom

Budget: £10,000

Delivery: The PoC candidate was configured with two active 10G interfaces, to which the Ixia testers were attached. Routing was configured and a base policy loaded onto the appliance. Once connectivity was established, the load testers were configured to run a number of tests through the firewall. This took the form of an RFC2544 test as well as a synthetic traffic test based on a sample taken from the production network to ‘set’ the frame size and cadence. A report was produced on the back of this testing which was used to determine whether the PoC candidate would be suitable for adoption.

Audience: Primarily a technical audience, the report was subsequently turned into a slide deck for use by the project team as collateral to support a management decision. The firewall vendor was also keen to learn the results of the testing too.

Challenges: There were no significant challenges during this piece of work although politically the result of the testing had to be carefully controlled as it could have been commercially sensitive to the vendor.

Takeaways: You should never believe what you read in the sales material! The output of this piece of work helped drive the strategic vendor selection which subsequently resulted in very significant spend over the following few years.

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